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Car-X Tire & Auto Chooses Creative Dimensions as Cincinnati Agency of Record

Creative Dimensions is proud to announce that we’ve been chosen as agency of record for the 21 franchise-owned Greater Cincinnati Car-X Tire & Auto locations. Creative Dimensions will provide creative services and media planning and buying for Car-X Tire & Auto – Cincinnati. Ironically, Car-X and Creative Dimensions were both founded in the same year – 1971. Welcome to the family, Car-X!

Creative Dimensions Welcomes New Client ComputerEase


Creative Dimensions is happy to announce a new addition to our diverse client base, Cincinnati-based software developer ComputerEase. ComputerEase is the leading provider of Construction Accounting for Contractors. ComputerEase was founded in 1983 from a blended knowledge of accounting and construction. Today, more than 6,000 contractors use ComputerEase to streamline their operations and increase profits. Creative Dimensions will assist ComputerEase in a variety of upcoming marketing efforts.

Upstart BitChute Offers Fresh Alternative to YouTube.

Question: Why has there not been a serious competitor to YouTube since its 2005 inception? Answer: Resources. And considering that Google owns YouTube, it’s fairly obvious why no platform has, or ever will have, the resources and server space of YouTube. But in the immortal words of Bob Dylan, times they are a changin’.

Remember a few short years ago when everyone and their brother was on MySpace? A few short years in the future, it’s quite possible those same people will have moved on from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This is likely to happen even faster if “the big three” continue their mass social media censorship practices.

Enter BitChute. BitChute is a new video sharing platform that operates using WebTorrent peer-to-peer technology, eliminating hardware and high bandwidth costs. WebTorrent is a BitTorrent client developed by MIT, which works inside web browsers with no installation. Opposed to the server farms currently being utilized by YouTube, BitChute will be able to scale up its service automatically as its user base grows.

Right now, BitChute is still in its beta stage, and there are some obvious kinks that need to be worked out. However, the site is still worth checking out and keeping an eye on.

Water and Fire and Mold…Oh My!

Below is a television commercial we recently completed for a long-time client of ours, Teasdale Fenton Restoration. It’s airing throughout the Winter here in Greater Cincinnati. If you have any frozen pipe/water issues, mold, or fire/smoke damage, please give them a call – they are true professionals (and great people, too).

Cashing In On Pokémon Go


Unless you’ve been living under a virtual rock, you’ve probably heard of this little phenomenon called Pokémon Go. My family and I were down at Newport Aquarium last Sunday, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that no less than 30% of the people at Newport on the Levee were playing (including our two daughters). Pokémon Go has been downloaded millions of times – so many times that their servers are crashing regularly – and is generating an estimated $1.6 million in daily revenue. And it seems, many local business are doing what they can to cash in as well.

The other day I heard an interview on WLW radio with a representative from Tom+Chee, and the restaurant chain is capitalizing on the massive success of Pokémon Go. As luck would have it, their downtown location is a PokéStop, a landmark where gamers can collect Pokémon and Pokémon-related essentials. PokéStops are creating a ton of foot traffic for local businesses, and if your location is designated as a PokéStop, you can also pay a nominal fee (roughly $1.20 an hour) to “lure” additional players to your business. This lure causes PokéStops to attract even more digital critters to your location, thereby ensuring that more and more players come to that PokéStop. There have been reports of some businesses getting as much as a 75 percent increase in profitability due to lures.

As of now, a business can’t buy or sponsor a PokéStop or a Pokémon Gym location (where players do battle with other players), but you know this option isn’t far off. So, is Pokémon Go a fad that will die out by the end of Summer, or the next big thing? Only time will tell. But if you’re a business owner lucky enough to be located near a PokéStop, strike while the iron is hot.


Welling & Co. Jewelers has been an institution in West Chester, Ohio for over 95 years. When they moved into a unique new location (an old airplane hangar) in Olde West Chester a few months ago, they came to Creative Dimensions to help them promote their move to new and existing customers, and to also target bridal prospects. Working within their budget, we created a new :30 TV spot for Welling, which is airing on cable on targeted bridal programming, as well as in local movie theaters.

We also created direct mail promoting the move and subsequent promotions, matching email marketing and social advertising/promotions, and redesigned a mobile responsive website to complement their new brand.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.49.17 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.49.35 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.48.03 AM

Ultimate Rehab Chooses Creative Dimensions



Creative Dimensions is proud to welcome Ultimate Rehab as a new client. Ultimate Rehab provides contract therapy and consulting services in various rehabilitative settings. Our crew will be working with their management team to evolve their brand and increase awareness through a variety of marketing channels. We couldn’t be more excited to add them to our client roster.





Nothing makes us happier than when a client expresses their satisfaction when we complete a campaign. Below are the kind words a new client sent to us recently. You can view the website we designed and built for them at:

“We were referred to Creative Dimensions by one of their clients, and I really can’t say enough good things about our experience working with them. We were bringing a new concept to an established industry, and we needed help conveying a complex idea to both professionals (B2B) and consumers (B2C). Creative Dimensions helped us evolve our concept, and their creative ideas for our website and promotional materials were truly genius. Their process was extremely efficient, and their experience showed every step of the way. They were dedicated in making sure that our external communications would set us apart in the industry, and it’s very obvious that they have succeeded in that goal. We will continue to use Creative Dimensions to help us grow our company even more in the future. They are professionals in every aspect of marketing.”

– Allen Rhodes, CEO
Auto Claim Services

Does your healthcare advertising make a difference?

Part one of our series on advertising in the current healthcare environment.

Should there be ads for healthcare services? Are they effective? Demeaning? Ethical? The debate has been running since the lifting of the ban on hospital advertising by the Supreme Court in 1982.

So what should you think? If you’ve done healthcare marketing, you’ve learned enough to have an opinion. If you’re just now jumping in, here are a few things to consider.

ROI will be difficult, if not impossible, to measure. Traditional media advertising rarely gives you an element to track, like phoned or mailed responses to a call to action. Most messages are announcements (of a new technology, a new wing or a new branch), awareness of a specialization (“the heart hospital”), image (a commitment to the community) and other intangibles. Even touting a unique expertise or advanced equipment can rarely take direct credit for changing minds and routing new patients through the door.

Social media, on the other hand, with its real-time, real-people dialogs, offers an effective way to gauge reach and psychographics, and to maintain more balanced relationships between institutions and their communities.

For opponents to healthcare advertising, the concerns aren’t about effectiveness, but about the possibility of misleading patients and diminishing the respect of the healthcare category as a whole. They fear that institutions will cherry pick only positive stories and outcomes, or that their efforts will be turned less toward the community’s welfare and more toward that of their shareholders. Anyone alive during the 60s and 70s will remember the difference—and it wasn’t always better.

In our experience with our own healthcare clients and through discussions with colleagues, we’ve seen very positive results from advertising.

• Any communication that shines a positive light on a hospital or practice, clinic or care facility bolsters pride inside the walls, as well as outside.

• Advertising done well lends stature to a hospital, which often leads to better success in recruiting new doctors and nurses, as well as adding quality of life to its city.

• Keeping the institution’s face community-forward helps protect its equity from eroding in the tidal wave of competing advertising.

• As consumers have more information to guide their choices of providers, those providers pay more attention to improving the status quo—and consequently, the satisfaction of their patients.

This is a broad overview to help you frame the value of healthcare advertising for yourself. If you care to look, there are many more aspects and a zillion other opinions out there. The consensus is marketing in this category is a challenge. But it’s one we never get sick of.

Watch for Part Two: Keys to Successful Advertising for a Modern Healthcare Institution

–From the braintrust @Creative Dimensions