Upstart BitChute Offers Fresh Alternative to YouTube.

Question: Why has there not been a serious competitor to YouTube since its 2005 inception? Answer: Resources. And considering that Google owns YouTube, it’s fairly obvious why no platform has, or ever will have, the resources and server space of YouTube. But in the immortal words of Bob Dylan, times they are a changin’.

Remember a few short years ago when everyone and their brother was on MySpace? A few short years in the future, it’s quite possible those same people will have moved on from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This is likely to happen even faster if “the big three” continue their mass social media censorship practices.

Enter BitChute. BitChute is a new video sharing platform that operates using WebTorrent peer-to-peer technology, eliminating hardware and high bandwidth costs. WebTorrent is a BitTorrent client developed by MIT, which works inside web browsers with no installation. Opposed to the server farms currently being utilized by YouTube, BitChute will be able to scale up its service automatically as its user base grows.

Right now, BitChute is still in its beta stage, and there are some obvious kinks that need to be worked out. However, the site is still worth checking out and keeping an eye on.