Kind words from a valued client.

Stitching & Gluing Solutions supplies and services corrugated converting and pallet-making machinery of European manufacturers to the U.S. We needed to advertise in industry publications to spread the word that these premier suppliers’ array of machinery is now available in the United States.

We found Creative Dimensions through a Google search, then met with Amy and Steve for introductions. With only a handful of images and brochures from our suppliers, and a short meeting to discuss key points, they came back with several ad concepts that hit the mark 100%!

Since then, they have created several more ads for us, and each time, they never miss. Their employees are personable, creative, and they grasp the points we try to make each and every time. We couldn’t be more pleased with the ads they’ve developed and how easy it is to work them! Thank you to the team at Creative Dimensions; we look forward to a long and successful relationship!

Car-X Tire & Auto Chooses Creative Dimensions as Cincinnati Agency of Record

Creative Dimensions is proud to announce that we’ve been chosen as agency of record for the 21 franchise-owned Greater Cincinnati Car-X Tire & Auto locations. Creative Dimensions will provide creative services and media planning and buying for Car-X Tire & Auto – Cincinnati. Ironically, Car-X and Creative Dimensions were both founded in the same year – 1971. Welcome to the family, Car-X!

Creative Dimensions Welcomes New Client ComputerEase


Creative Dimensions is happy to announce a new addition to our diverse client base, Cincinnati-based software developer ComputerEase. ComputerEase is the leading provider of Construction Accounting for Contractors. ComputerEase was founded in 1983 from a blended knowledge of accounting and construction. Today, more than 6,000 contractors use ComputerEase to streamline their operations and increase profits. Creative Dimensions will assist ComputerEase in a variety of upcoming marketing efforts.

Upstart BitChute Offers Fresh Alternative to YouTube.

Question: Why has there not been a serious competitor to YouTube since its 2005 inception? Answer: Resources. And considering that Google owns YouTube, it’s fairly obvious why no platform has, or ever will have, the resources and server space of YouTube. But in the immortal words of Bob Dylan, times they are a changin’.

Remember a few short years ago when everyone and their brother was on MySpace? A few short years in the future, it’s quite possible those same people will have moved on from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This is likely to happen even faster if “the big three” continue their mass social media censorship practices.

Enter BitChute. BitChute is a new video sharing platform that operates using WebTorrent peer-to-peer technology, eliminating hardware and high bandwidth costs. WebTorrent is a BitTorrent client developed by MIT, which works inside web browsers with no installation. Opposed to the server farms currently being utilized by YouTube, BitChute will be able to scale up its service automatically as its user base grows.

Right now, BitChute is still in its beta stage, and there are some obvious kinks that need to be worked out. However, the site is still worth checking out and keeping an eye on.

Water and Fire and Mold…Oh My!

Below is a television commercial we recently completed for a long-time client of ours, Teasdale Fenton Restoration. It’s airing throughout the Winter here in Greater Cincinnati. If you have any frozen pipe/water issues, mold, or fire/smoke damage, please give them a call – they are true professionals (and great people, too).

Cashing In On Pokémon Go


Unless you’ve been living under a virtual rock, you’ve probably heard of this little phenomenon called Pokémon Go. My family and I were down at Newport Aquarium last Sunday, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that no less than 30% of the people at Newport on the Levee were playing (including our two daughters). Pokémon Go has been downloaded millions of times – so many times that their servers are crashing regularly – and is generating an estimated $1.6 million in daily revenue. And it seems, many local business are doing what they can to cash in as well.

The other day I heard an interview on WLW radio with a representative from Tom+Chee, and the restaurant chain is capitalizing on the massive success of Pokémon Go. As luck would have it, their downtown location is a PokéStop, a landmark where gamers can collect Pokémon and Pokémon-related essentials. PokéStops are creating a ton of foot traffic for local businesses, and if your location is designated as a PokéStop, you can also pay a nominal fee (roughly $1.20 an hour) to “lure” additional players to your business. This lure causes PokéStops to attract even more digital critters to your location, thereby ensuring that more and more players come to that PokéStop. There have been reports of some businesses getting as much as a 75 percent increase in profitability due to lures.

As of now, a business can’t buy or sponsor a PokéStop or a Pokémon Gym location (where players do battle with other players), but you know this option isn’t far off. So, is Pokémon Go a fad that will die out by the end of Summer, or the next big thing? Only time will tell. But if you’re a business owner lucky enough to be located near a PokéStop, strike while the iron is hot.