Eric Lies, General Manager

When we began working with Creative Dimensions, we were really at a frustrating place with our marketing. It got to a point with our previous marketing company where it felt like we weren’t being heard, and we were really having to push to get anything done. We were contacted by Creative Dimensions, and from the first phone call I could feel that this is what a relationship with a marketing company should be.

In the months since, they’ve created outstanding new television commercials, greatly improved our media planning and buying, built marketing materials around new services, as well as developed our new website. We love the finished products they’ve created for us, and that they’ve taken the time to learn our business so that our marketing materials are thoughtful, accurate and reflect our mission. They come to meetings well prepared, and communication has been outstanding. Most importantly though, their work is having noticeable improvement in new client acquisition and program adoption rates. We’re grateful for their work in clarifying and strengthening our brand.