Free Media Analysis

To prove ourselves, we’ll give you a free in-depth analysis of your current media plan.

Every agency says they can buy media more effectively than the next. Few agencies are willing to prove it, though. To that end, Creative Dimensions will provide you with a free in-depth analysis of your current media plan. We will determine if you are buying the right media, paying fair rates and scheduling the media effectively. We will also let you know what types of rates or changes Creative Dimensions would likely achieve. The truth is, most times we are able to negotiate lower overall rates and better placement, even when you take into account our fee.

What can I expect?

We’ve had several businesses take us up on this offer, and in a few cases, we showed that we were able to buy two to four times as many spots for the same budget! Remember, there is no obligation, and if you are already buying media effectively and we can’t help you, we will let you know. To take advantage of our Free Media Analysis, simply provide the following information and we will contact you soon.

Free Media Analysis

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